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The Jetty and Lawn

Our Clubrooms


For all inquiries please contact the manager: (09) 424 5905, PO Box 207 Whangaparaoa or email

Our Clubrooms

The clubrooms are used for after-race prize giving, barbeques, social functions etc. There is also a bar with a club license. The club rooms can be made available to club members for private functions.

Club Facilities

Not a "yachtie"?

Not a problem! Around half of Weiti Boating Clubs members are launch owners. We welcome everyone with any nautical interest. That's why we're a "boating club". Everyone is welcome.



For all inquiries please contact the manager: (09) 424 5905, PO Box 207 Whangaparaoa,

Membership Fees:

Member type

Entrance Fee

Annual Subscription

(incl AYBA & YNZ levies)







Associate *



Membership year is 1st Sept to 31st August, payable yearly in advance

* Associate members pay non-member rates for all vessel related services and facilities


Hauling, Cradle and Ramp Charges:

• Hauling out & re-launching: $170. $55 per movement thereafter if requested by owner

• Rental of club cradle: $30 per week

• Privately owned cradles must be removed from the yard immediately after launching. A charge of $30 per week will be applied until removed, unless required for club purposes

• Road trailerable craft: no charge for members to use of the ramp. Trailer boats must give way to haulout and re-launching operations. Non-members $4, covers launch and retrieve


Hardstand Ground Rental:

•1st and 2nd month $2.50 per metre of boat per week *

• 3rd month $3.50 per metre of boat per week *

• 4th month $4.50 per metre of boat per week *

• Hardstand charge increases each month to a maximum of $11.50 per metre of boat per week *

• Multi-hulls – one and a half times normal rate *

• Non-members – double all hardstand, cradle and hauling charges *

* boat length is measured overall, including sprits, platforms and projections


Shed Charges:

• $105 per week for one side of the shed for the first 8 weeks

• $155 per week for one side of the shed after the first eight weeks

• Hardstand ground rental rates are also charged concurrently


Trailer Park Rental:

• Rental period 1st August to 31st July

• $520 per annum. Payable yearly in advance

• Insurance mandatory. Name on boat and trailer is mandatory


Pile Mooring Charges:

• Rental period: 1st August to 31st July. Payable yearly in advance

• $64 per metre of boat overall per annum. Minimum fee $600 per annum

• $350 one-off mooring levy when permanent mooring is allocated

• Insurance mandatory. Names on boats and dinghies mandatory

• Permanent live aboard is not permitted.


Mooring sublet fee:

•$21 per week for members. $42 per week for non-members. Payable monthly in advance


Sale of Boats / Relinquish mooring

• The club manager must be informed within seven days after a boat on a Weiti pile mooring is sold

• The mooring site is not transferrable; the mooring reverts back to the club for re-allocation

• Upon relinquishing a mooring, the unexpired mooring term less three whole months will be refunded


Work Berth (inside of the pontoon):

• Charge: $15 per calendar day, or part of day (midnight to midnight)

• Non-members $30 per calendar day or part of. Insurance is mandatory

• Bookings are made via the booking board outside the manager’s office. All bookings are charged regardless of utilisation



No charge to members. Non-members $30 per tide. Insurance is mandatory


Mast Gantry:

•No charge to members. Non-members $30 per use.





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In this weather site you can customise what you want to see. Choose from hour by hour, weekend, 10 day outlooks etc. NB. The forecast area is for Auckland Airport and as such should be used as a general indication only.


The Metservice forecast for Auckland Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf.


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