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The Winter Series provides exciting racing and always attracts the biggest fleet of yachts. The conditions can be varied and will tune your sailing skills. The Olympic Course means that picking the shifts and good boat handling are vitally important. A prize-giving and BBQ is held after the race. Skippers, crew and family are invited to come along and socialise with the other crews.

Winter series NOR 2018 Final v2

Handicaps Winter 2018 - v3

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Payment is to be made to this account: 03-0419-0006778-000


By submitting this form I declare that I am familiar with the Racing Rules of Sailing and Safety Regulations as prescribed in the Yachting New Zealand Handbook current at the time of this race or series, and agree to abide by those rules and the Sailing Instructions of the race or series and any other rules set by the Sailing Committee of the Weiti Boating Club or its Officers.




Winter series 2018 - Series standings after Race 3

Winter Series 2018 - Race 3 results - 10-06-2018

Winter Series 2018 - Race 2 results - 20-05-2018

Winter series 2018 - Race 1 results - 06-05-2018 



Winter 2017 - Series results Final.pdf

Winter 2017 - Race 10 results.pdf

Race 9 Cancelled

Race 8 Cancelled

Winter 2017 - Race 7 results.pdf

Race 6 Abandoned

Winter 2017 - Race 5 results.pdf

Winter 2017 - Race 4 results.pdf

Winter 2017 - Race 3 results.pdf

Winter 2017 - Race 2 results.pdf

Race 1 Abandoned



Winter Series 2016 - Final Series results.pdf

Winter Series 2016 - Race 10 - 11-09-2016 Updated.pdf

Winter Series 2016 - Race 9 - 28-08-2016.pdf

Winter Series 2016 - Race 8 14-8-2016.pdf

Winter Series Race 7 cancelled 

Winter Series Race 6 cancelled

Winter Series 2016 - Race 5 - 26-06-2016.pdf

Winter Series 2016 - Race 4 - 12-06-2016.pdf

Winter Series 2016 - Race 3 - 29-05-2016.pdf

Winter Series 2016 - Race 2 - 15-05-2016.pdf

Winter Series 2016 - Race 1 - 01-05-2016.pdf 



Winter series 2015 - series results.pdf 

Winter series 2015 Race 9 results.pdf

Winter series 2015 Race 8 results.pdf

Winter series 2015 Race 7 results.pdf

 Race 6 cancelled.

Winter series 2015 Race 5 results.pdf

Winter series 2015 Race 4 results.pdf

Winter series 2015 Race 3 results.pdf

Race 2 cancelled

Winter series 2015 Race 1 results.pdf


Winter series 2014 Race 1

Winter series 2014 Race 2

Winter series 2014 Race 3

Winter series 2014 Race 4

Winter series 2014 Race 5

Winter series 2014 Race 6

Winter series 2014 Race 7

Winter series 2014 Race 8

Winter series 2014 Series standings



Race 8 shots. Even a few dolphins joined us on the way back to Weiti

Photo 17-08-14 12 55 56 pm.jpgPhoto 17-08-14 12 57 14 pm.jpgPhoto 17-08-14 1 25 33 pm.jpgPhoto 17-08-14 1 25 31 pm.jpg

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